1. Bhaiya/Bahan having less than 75% attendence for the whole session would not be allowed to appear in the Annual Examination, However permission may be granted in this regard if the Principal/Headmaster is satisfied with the provided application telling genuine cause by the guardian.
  2. Mere appearance in written exam of all the subjects is not sufficient for the Bhaiya/Bahan to be entitled for getting result if they fail to register their presence in the exams of Practicals, Work Experince / SUPW, PT, Arts. In case it happens, the result will be declared only ‘promoted’ i.e. no rank will be awarded.
  3. Following are the five-point scales to find out the status/achievements related to individual and social merit, views, value-awareness and artistic activities on the part of a pupil.
    A – Excellent
    B – Very Good
    C – Good
    D – Average
    E – Below Average


  1. Monthly school fees must be deposited on the due dates i.e. 1st – 25th of every month otherwise late fine would be charged. In case of non-compliance with the above for the two continuous months, the name of the pupil would be removed from the Attendance register. At the time of readmission, all the lying dues with readmission fee will have to be paid.
  2. Bhaiya/Bahan has to come to school daily in the prescribed neat and clean uniform with all the study-materials. In absence of the above, no pupil would be permitted to attend the class.
  3. Parents/Guardians must be cautious towards the accomplishment of Home assignments and continuity of studies by their wards. Ignorance of the above will hamper the progress of the pupils.
  4. Daily Home-work and notices circulated by the school must be duly signed by the parents/guardians. Therefore, they are to supersive this diary regularly.
  5. 75% of the total attendance in a session is essential. Permission to appear in the examination would not be granted if it is not fulfilled.
  6. Bhaiya/Bahan would not be allowed to continue his/her classes if he/she fails to complete his/her home work until they produce written genuine reasons. If it is necessary he/she may be sent back home.
  7. parent’s signature is essential for any sort of leave application. Information about illness must be conveyed to the school immediately.
  8. Tiffin is necessary for the purpose of maintaining good health and collective lunch arrangement regularly.
  9. Every year an educational tour is organised. Participation in it is necessary.
  10. There are some pages in the diary for parents/guardians to convey their messages or opinions to the school. Please communicate through these pages only.
  11. Tuition at home is not recommended. If parents think that it is the need of the hour for the progress of their wards, they should talk to the Principal in this regard. Prior permission is necessary to meet the class teacher.
  12. Permission to entertain tuition at home by any acharya/teacher is not granted. Therefore, parents must not request any acharya/teacher to do so.
  13. Offices will remain open if the local situation demands in the Summer Vacation.

Session 2020-21